Sell Your Products

Are you a local Canadian store owner, manufacturer or importer? And still didn’t explore the online space as a marketplace?

No need to work hard and set-up your e-commerce store; and then work even harder to promote your store online – we already have it done for you! is a free virtual mall for Canadians who wants to buy and sell online. Its free and we do everything for you!

How Does it Work?

Its more than easy. Send us your major products (description, photos, rates & how to get them in terms of delivery options) and we will publish it for you. We would be also happy to create a link from your corporate website into your new e-shop section. We would also set-up these products Facebook and promote them on our channels!

What’s the catch? No catch, we work on following orders commissions. Each deal buyer’s payment will be split 85% to you and 15% to us as your online sales platform. Just like Amazon, but no extra fees, no monthly membership and we do all the job for you!

Lucky Store

If you don’t want to be under one umbrella with other vendors like yourself, we also have a solution for you. We will set up a fully customized e-commerce website just for you, including design adjustment or template installation, your favorite delivery method hook-up, products publishing and even content creation. Next the structure same as above – we take care of it and get 15% of your sales, the only difference with previous option is that we will charge a self-cost fee for the setup. We named this product “Lucky Store” because our setup fee here is $777 only. Canadian dollars 😊

Call for Agents!

Even if you are not manufacturer or store owner, you can earn from

Let’s say you have some B2B agency (business consultant, print-shop, accountant or even web-designer) and you work with a portfolio of businesses you can connect to our platform. What will happen next is that when VirtuMart visitors order products from your portfolio clients, the payment would be split between 3 parties – 85% goes to the vendor, 10% goes to VirtuMart platform and 5% goes to you – no coordination needed, everything is proceeded automatically! Imaging 5 percent from 10 of your customers online annual sales time 5 years – that would be nice residual income, just for picking up the phone 10 times!

Do not miss this opportunity and become a middleman between sellers and online buyers by connecting your customers to today!